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    Company Information

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    About Adcol

    Adcol Electronic Company Ltd dedicates on thermoelectric cooler design and manufacturing. Fully range of thermoelectric cooling products, from TE equipment to components level, and years of design experience for customer application are our key advantages.We are expanding our business to new application field such as LED, Power industry etc, new products like high precision cooling bath, dehumidifier have been test internally for year and continue release to market. Customize requirement from customers is acceptalbe and completely supply chain support us to have fastest response to our gloable customers.

    Quality Policy

    Lead TE Technology,Good Quality, Customer first, Qualified Employees!

    Corporation Culture

    we follow our heart to look for success of ourselves, our company and our world.

    Company Goal

    To be the best company of Thermoelectric Product, the first option of our global customers.


    provide good quality, value added, fast service to our customers

    Respect to community and environment

    Respect to employmee



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